The Black Hole is a dynamic burning mechanism which incentivises the burning of $SPACE.

How it works

The Black Hole has a 12h countdown timer which resets on each bid.

Minimum Bid/Win chance is 1% of the Black Hole balance.
Maximum Bid/Win chance is 10% of the Black Hole balance.
Your win chance = The percentage of the Black Hole amount you bid.

10,000 SPACE Black Hole Balance
User A bids 100 space, which offers him a 1% chance of winning.
User B bids 1000 space, which offers him a 10% chance of winning.

  • 80% credited instantly to winner’s address.
  • 10% is…

Phase 1 and introduction to Farm.Space

Bringing dual farming rewards through margin trading and lending, to yield farming, on the Binance Smart Chain.

Fair launch, no presales.
Farming LPs(Planets) and Staking Pools will be made available an hour before block rewards commencing.

For the purpose of a fair seed, only 1 BNB + 0.05 SPACE will be added, to set a starting price.

  • Rewards per Block: 11 SPACE
  • Daily Emission Rate: 316800 SPACE
  • Rewards Distribution: Planets + Staking pools share 10 SPACE rewards per block, 0.8 SPACE is allocated towards team, and 0.2 SPACE allocated towards the Black hole.

Starting block: 5910930

Contract Address: 0x0abd3E3502c15ec252f90F64341cbA74a24fba06


Farm Space

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