Farm.Space - Farm your way into DeFi space

Phase 1 and introduction to Farm.Space

Bringing dual farming rewards through margin trading and lending, to yield farming, on the Binance Smart Chain.

Fair launch, no presales.
Farming LPs(Planets) and Staking Pools will be made available an hour before block rewards commencing.

For the purpose of a fair seed, only 1 BNB + 0.05 SPACE will be added, to set a starting price.

  • Rewards per Block: 11 SPACE
  • Daily Emission Rate: 316800 SPACE
  • Rewards Distribution: Planets + Staking pools share 10 SPACE rewards per block, 0.8 SPACE is allocated towards team, and 0.2 SPACE allocated towards the Black hole.

Starting block: 5910930

Contract Address: 0x0abd3E3502c15ec252f90F64341cbA74a24fba06

MasterChef: 0xc8cf0767fB2258b23B90636A5e21cfaD113e8182

Timelock(24h): 0x6B9FE28367fb5c3C1aF42f3df2c5b778C40CD0BC

Dev Fee Address: 0x7C5746134539c648296456E430b6617dF764c67b

Transfer of ownership to timelock:

SPACE-BNB 0% deposit fee x40
SPACE-BUSD 0% deposit fee x25
BNB-BUSD 4% deposit fee x5

Staking pools
WBNB 4% deposit fee x2
BUSD 4% deposit fee x2
ETH 4% deposit fee x2
BTC 4% deposit fee x2
CAKE 4% deposit fee x2
XVS 4% deposit fee x2
DGN 4% deposit fee x1
CRX 4% deposit fee x1

Adoption Amplifier

SPACE LP farming will be one of the first to offer real value dividends. Previously farming based models are known to be zero sum and offering no further utility once APY begins to drop.

In order to move forward with this initiative and further adoption of the platform we are re-allocating the team’s platform fee towards SPACE LP staking contracts.

What does this mean?
SPACE-BNB and SPACE-BUSD LP stakers whilst farming will receive directly claimable WBNB rewards.

4% deposit fee is distributed as follows:

  • 50% of deposit fees are allocated towards a price floor increasing model, SPACE is bought back(creating upwards pressure) and added to SPACE-BNB and SPACE-BUSD pairs as permanently locked liquidity. This helps to provide more stable APY’s over-time.
  • Remaining 50% of deposit fees are allocated towards lending pools.

What does this mean?
This creates a positive feedback loop where higher lending pools allow for more trading/lending volume, which produce more WBNB rewards for SPACE LP stakers ⬆️

Phase 2 and Black hole burn mechanism

Throughout phase 1 we will allow the WBNB dividends to stack for SPACE-LP stakers, this means the WBNB dividends are not claimable till phase 2.
Why you may ask?
This is because WBNB dividends are not the only dividends stakers will be receiving.

As part of phase 2, which is in-line with stablecoin pairs and deposits on release, early April SPACE-LP stakers will also start receiving BUSD, USDT, and USDC dividends.

To put into perspective:

Phase 1
SPACE + WBNB rewards begin stacking

Phase 2
SPACE + WBNB + BUSD + USDT + USDC rewards made claimable via ui

There will be a simple staking migration come early April, we look forward to seeing all the progress then!

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